Welcome to Zebaworld.com, where you can turn your imagination into reality. Our customisation process allows you to personalise and create unique products that reflect your style and preferences.

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What does customisation entail and what are the elements that can be tailored to your preferences

Zeba offers personalized customization for a range of products, including carpets, curtains, upholstery, home decor items like table mats, cushions, runners, wedding gifts, as well as wall art and wallpaper.

What is the reason behind why Zeba engages in customisation of its products?

Zeba customises its products according to customers’ requirements to ensure that they meet individual preferences and needs, providing a personalised and tailored experience that aligns with the unique tastes and desires of each customer.

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Step #1

Choose Your Product

Browse our wide range of products available for customisation, including wall art, wallpapers, curtains, cushions, accessories, home decor and more. Select the product you want to customise from our collection.

Look for this option on our website to identify which products are customisable:


Step #2

Schedule a call with our experts

Now all you need to do is to fill up this quick form and explain your customisation requirements in brief; Example: "I would like to get this cushion cover to have more of blush pink, the flowers artwork to be changed to something floral & base fabric colour to be beige"

Now just click the "Send Email" button and you are done!
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Soon one of our customisation expert will call you and discuss your requirement in detail.

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