Residence in Mumbai-Matunga

Five Storey Home

This was a large-scale project for which we styled a home, based on various different themes. The goal for this home was to create rooms that were personal expressions of aesthetic, for each individual resident’s room. The daughter’s room was styled to be feminine and elegant with coordinated lace and velvet in a white colour palette. The son’s room was ‘messy-chic’ with linen and bright accents. The master bedroom was based on the theme of royal and ethnic design. It included an array of brocades and embroidery.

Architect - Sandeep Shikre and Associates (SSA Architects)


3 coordinated bedrooms

For this project, we styled 3 bedrooms in a way that each one was unique, yet harmonious with the rest. ‘Modern Contemporary’ was the aesthetic we settled on. We tactfully used highlights and pops of colour to create interest while building rooms that felt warm, cosy and elegant at the same time.

Architect - Navin Nisaar

Residence in Pune

2BHK Lively Home

This home was designed with a modern contemporary aesthetic in mind. With this project we wanted to create a home that was lively and welcoming. The various elements of the home were coordinated with bright vibrant colours and lace sheers and complementary show curtains. All the upholstery was customised and made to coordinate with the curtains, carpets and cushions.

Residence in Bandra

3 BHK Modern Home

For this project we wanted to create an effortlessly luxurious look. To achieve this, we used natural colours to create themes that emulated the personality of each resident. The son’s room was designed with a sports theme in mind, we customised printed bedcovers and cushions to gently suggest the theme. The master bedrooms were designed with neutral colours and accent cushions to create a look of subtle elegance.

Architect - Amit Ashar

Residence in Mumbai-Thane

1BHK Vintage Home

For this home, we worked on customizing a range of complementary curtains, cushion covers, upholstery and more to create a retro-esque vintage look. The vintage aesthetic is complemented with a subtle inspiration from Moroccan design.

Architect – Ashar

Residence in Mumbai - Andheri

3 BHK Contemporary Home

For this project, each room was designed in a unique colour. The goal with this home was to create a unique identity for each room, while maintaining the cohesion and harmony in the design. We achieved this by planning a colour palette with muted natural tones and pops of colour speckled throughout the home.

Architect – Omkar

Residence in Mumbai - Matunga

3 BHK Indian Contemporary Home

Ethnic patterns and floral motifs were the inspiration for this home. We used a range of beautiful ethnic patterns and prints to give a warm and rustic feel to the home.

Architect - Sandeep Shikre and Associates (SSA Architect)

Residence in Mumbai