Who we are

Zebaish’ is Persian for beautiful. Not only is it the inspiration for the name ‘Zeba’, but also an apt embodiment of everything this global home fashion and lifestyle brand has come to symbolise over a few eventful decades.

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Sujata & Rajan are the owners of Zeba. While Sujata blends her superlative sensibilities with an innate feistiness, Rajan balances his pragmatic demeanour with distinct childlike fervour. United by a shared perception of beauty, they live life to the fullest and breathe design while they’re at it.

Our perceptions of beauty are shaped by the experiences we collate from the many journeys we set out on. We’ve had a keen eye for detail, right from 1984, when Zeba began as a small manufacturing firm exporting carpets and rugs. Even in those early days, our sense of aesthetics and adventure took us to the heart of the country, into the company of local weavers, where we perfected designs that helped us carve a niche in the international market.

As the 90s dawned, we reoriented our vision, from adorning floors to dressing every surface. Pioneering a complete look that encompassed floors, windows and furniture, we strengthened Zeba’s portfolio and successfully launched the brand for Indian homes. While our coordinated concept was a breath of fresh air for enthusiasts, our emphasis on quality and dependability, coupled with our penchant for customisation, another first, cemented our acceptance among interior designers and hospitality stalwarts alike. After all, at home or at work, it wasn’t commonplace for colours and textures to be woven into extensions of one’s personality.

We have always chased the big picture. The world is our marketplace and has been, for quite some time. Over the years, we have exported our products to all major mail order catalogues, departmental stores, and specialty chains across Europe and the USA. Meanwhile, the setting up of our Home Fashion Store at Worli, in Mumbai, set off waves. The showroom, in addition to the Zeba Design Studio, has helped us create meaningful inroads into Indian and overseas mindsets. Our expedition is as endless as it is exciting, and we still have a long way to go. Among the many accolades we have gathered, from the Interior Design Community and our customers, lie the countless homes, offices, restaurants and hotels we have been entrusted with transforming. We have done so by interpreting unique wants with intuition and passion in equal measure. Furthermore, the Zeba story is punctuated by regard for society and the environment. With work centres that conform to global compliance standards. Without child labour.

It is true. Nobody does business for fun. But, that doesn't mean you can't have fun doing business. We love doing what we do. For us, Zeba is zeal. You’ll see it in the details, on our moodboards, at our studio, and on the faces of those we work with.


The team we have build over the years and continue to build is always a source of positivity, pride and inspiration.

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