A Well Dressed Home

A Well Dressed Home

A Space to Elevate Moods and a Space to Call Home

Finding time for little pleasures and relaxation in the hustle of everyday life should be far easier than it is today. Trying to keep up with the changing tides of the 21st century can become a full-time job, leaving not enough time for the little things that make us happy. To this end, having something to look forward to, at the end of the day, can make for a great stress management tool.

Living through the stresses of daily life can be a battle in itself; unrelenting traffic, the fluctuating economy and a combination of other factors can leave us feeling low, or unmotivated. Taking the time and initiative to consider our living spaces is an important step to control how our surroundings impact us. One’s home can truly transform a day from stressful and chaotic, to calm and comfortable.

According to the Psychology of Interior Design, the composition of a room or space has a huge effect on the mood and productivity of its inhabitants. The Psychology of Space is greatly driven by principles of design such as balance, proportion, symmetry and rhythm. When these principles are followed correctly, they have the ability to improve the emotional quality of life by bringing harmony to the space. Having a space that is decorated exactly to fit one’s preferences and likings, cultivates a sense of belonging. It is always a pleasure to go home to a space that truly feels like home.

Home is where the heart is… put your heart into a space and it can become home—create a space that welcomes you after a long day, with its warmth and familiarity. Every space has the potential to tell a story through its various décor elements, as well as through the effort that goes into designing it. Interior decoration is so much more than merely creating an aesthetically pleasing place. It builds a cohesive collection of colours, fabric, textures and patterns that efficiently reflect the personality of the residents in that space. Thoughtful interior decoration allows a space to cultivate a soul, and makes it more functional, pleasant and livable. These ideas are not new, Feng Shui for thousands of years has been used to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environments. These ideas can be daunting and time consuming, this is when an understanding and trusted Interior Designer can assist one with the smallest details as well as complete transformations of spaces and how they are lived in. Having a pair of seasoned eyes can draw attention to how spaces affect daily life.

At Zeba, we work very hard to create a myriad of designs to make sure that we have something for everyone. We find great pleasure in providing comfort, warmth and love through our work. We aim to understand the requirements of a family or customer, and custom create designs that would make them feel right at home. We understand that each space has a purpose and we select the right furniture and the right colours and items to serve each purpose aptly. We enjoy hearing the stories that make each family unique, they allow us to add that extra bit of personalization, making for spaces that truly emulate the spirit of its inhabitants. Home should be a comfort waiting for us at the end of the day. A haven, to soothe and lift our moods. Working towards creating a beautiful, comfortable and efficient reflection of ourselves in our living spaces is a step towards creating a healthier life.

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