The Legacy of Zeba

The Legacy of Zeba

An idea sparked during the Middle East boom in the late 70s… It was a time of lucrative trade, a fast-paced world with minds and hearts brimming with ambition. There was a gap in the market…there was space for something different. The modern and global nature of contemporary design needed a warm human touch. Through long nights spent in thought and reflection, Zeba was born. The Persian word Zebaish, meaning beautiful, came to mind. It was exotic, filled with mystery, culture and of course, beauty. This is where our legacy began…a legacy that was born to grow and evolve for the rest of time. Zeba was put in place to cater to the need for contemporary design married with style and culture. We started with creating traditional carpets and dhurries in historic and transitional designs and colours. This endeavour, started with good fortune which led to the setting up of our stunning factory in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. In order to be true to our theme and idea of mystery, intrigue and culture, we built a magnificent Haveli to be the heart of our production. It is a one of a kind factory, and surely, it has played a huge role in our growth and success.

Along this journey, we found ourselves gravitating towards adding a home textile range to the carpet and dhurrie offerings, thereby, allowing us to provide our customers with a coordinated look, and products by themselves. This again, allowed us to fill another gap in the market…We now satisfied the needs of dressing entire spaces with styles and pieces that were created to complement each other. Steadily, Zeba was growing. Our teams expanded, our reach broadened, our ideas multiplied and finally Zeba was coming into her own. If the question were asked, ‘What is Zeba?’, the answer could not be a simple one…
" Zeba is the relentless pursuit of finesse that draws energy from an infinite pool of ever evolving creativity. It is timeless, as charming as yesterday, as forward looking as tomorrow. Zeba is our soul. And, it’s yours to bring home when you so desire." Sujata & Rajan Mehta

Zeba is Disruptive

Zeba is built to disrupt old school distribution models with its vertically integrated operation—from concept to customer. This becomes possible because we disregard the conventional model of having separate manufacturers, distributor, retailers etc. Every product and design is personal to us, stitched in place with strong and durable threads of passion and humble ambition. With our disruptive innovation and thought, we have created a new market and value network that will eventually disrupt and displace established market norms. We do not rely on any external entities to get our work done, we are self-sufficient.

Zeba is Direct

There is no outsourcing of labour, every product and project we take on is executed from start to finish by our own people, in-house. This way, we are completely in the loop and in control of every aspect of production, allowing us to have high quality home-wear at down-to-earth prices. The quality of what we create is of utmost importance to us, our products last for a long long time.

Zeba Cares

Integrity is woven into the fabric of our company, credibility and trust are the most important values of our brand. Reviving and preserving the great skills of Indian artisans is one of our prime focuses. We have a team of incredibly skilled Indian craftsmen who work with us, and help us breathe life into our designs. In an attempt to do our bit for the planet, we ensure to also use sustainable fabrics in our collections. All our fabrics are sourced locally from mills across the country as our effort to keep the Indian textile industry alive. It is important to us that everything we do and offer is overflowing good intentions, good vibes, and of course, great quality.

Zeba is Nimble and Dynamic

Zeba is flexible and constantly on the go, evolving with the world and various market demands and needs. We are not limited in thought, we thrive on new ideas and perspectives, always working towards a goal. Every day brings a new challenge and we look forward to taking it on! Our customers can dream and we can create it, nothing is impossible. We are not limited to certain spaces or certain niches. We can design any space, anywhere in the world, to fit any budget.
Describing Zeba is a mission to last a very long time. There is no one way to describe the all-encompassing nature of what makes Zeba what it is today. It is an abstract concept, while also a very structured and tangible idea. Zeba dares to dream and is fuelled by an undying passion. Zeba is always growing, with new people, ideas, values and ambitions. Zeba was born out of love and is growing to spread it.

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