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The Zeba Design Studio is spread over 2,000 square feet. Vertically integrated, from concept to creation, Zeba houses a repertoire of craftsmen breathing life into its eclectic collections.Come, take a tour to witness first-hand the intricacies that turn beautiful yarns and fabrics into lasting style statements.


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Zeba is derived from the Persian word for beautiful, ‘Zebaish’. As a design led international home fashion brand, we are committed to creating and reinterpreting beauty. From layering, to value addition, to diverse processes and techniques, to organising the unorganised handicraft sector, we have an inimitable understanding of local and global trends.


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Design Services

While you may acquire a Zeba in person or online, you might also have a home, an office, a restaurant or a hotel, we could tailor to your vision. We’re vastly proficient in the art of dressing spaces and have quite a few accomplishments, spread over 18 years, to show for our efforts.