ZEBA Offerings



An inviting bed is half the falling asleep done. Adorn your bedroom with our desirable selection of bed covers, bed sheets, pillow covers, quilts and cushions. And, rest assured their magic will give your eyes the same reasons to stay open, as they will to close.


Zeba brings you a beautiful range of products to liven up your dining experience. Our table mats, napkins, table runners, table covers and dining chair upholstery harmonise to make your mornings warm, your afternoons lively, and your evenings memorable.


Your living room is your home’s first impression. Create a great one with thoughtfully designed furnishings and upholstery from Zeba. Mix and match our cushions, curtains, upholstery fabrics and rugs, and know the results will be stylish and enchanting.

Wall Arts

Let your walls tell your story while Zeba lets you make the statement of your choosing. Zeba’s wall art is available in a plethora of designs, colours and sizes. These one of a kind creations add character to spaces and give imagination a permanent place in your home.


Hand tufted, hand-woven and hand knotted, our floor coverings are ripe in rhythm and individuality. The cornerstone of the Zeba portfolio, these carpets, rugs and dhurries, textured with intricacy and intimacy, work well with furnishings to give a co-ordinated look to any room.