Being the place of arrival, it must convey the flavor of the hotel & make an impression on the guest. It is the centre piece of the guest experience. The ambience of the place immensely influences the experience of the customer with its comfort and uniqueness. The design has to be incredibly thoughtful and also beautiful. The ZEBA Design Center creates a co-ordinated look for the lobby based on the theme of the hotel and dresses the same with Fabrics, Carpets, Art etc:

  • Furniture with Upholstery fabric and upholstering services.
  • Floors with Carpets
  • Walls with Wall art; wall paper and fabric paneling
  • Windows with Curtains / Sheers and blinds including tailoring and fitting.
  • Any other surface that needs dressing with textiles, carpets etc including Lounges, Business Centers, Conference Rooms etc
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