Customized Premium Furnishing Home & Corporate Interiors


A delightful ambience is half a wonderful dining experience and Zeba has always possessed a proclivity for dressing up restaurants. We furnisheda fine rooftop restaurant with eclectic cushions, carpets, artwork, curtains and sheers, transforming a grey canvas into a vibrant expression of Moroccan magic. For a5-star restaurant, we created specially embroidered wall art featured above the buffet area to further accentuate its Indian spice themed colour palette, along with large sheer wall panels to isolate the bar from the dining area. Whileour efforts for another noted restaurant have led us to create event themed cushion covers including a collection expressly designed for the football world cup, we have been lauded for a contemporary black and white look adding elegance to the open bar of a popular local watering hole.


At Zeba, we pride ourselvesin having successfully furnished leading workplaces throughout India. We have outfitted officesacross a host of diverse industries, right from multinational information technology firms to home grown advertising networks. For a leading software consultancy office, we worked on a Paithani theme intrinsic to local culture, creating interesting peacock designs for each workstation while using coordinatedcolours on softboardsforbalance. Following a warm reception for our efforts, we were invited to refurnish another office for the same firm, where we continued our thematic approach, with Kalamkari work this time around. When a noted advertising agency in Mumbai summoned our expertise, we rendered the entire office in the bright colours of the firm’s logo, employing a modern Warli theme all through the office, from rugs to sofa throws.


The Zeba Design Studio is spread over 2,000 square feet. Vertically integrated, from concept to creation, Zeba houses a repertoire of craftsmen breathing life into its eclectic collections. Come; take a tour to witness first-hand the intricacies that turn beautiful yarns and fabrics into lasting style statements.

We are niche players, internationally, as we are focused, and the best at what we do in the business of home fashion. Be it designing spaces or putting together merchandise = selling Products i.e. Classic retail.

Zeba is vertically integrated, from cencept to the customer.

Designs to appeal customer's sense of fashion & style.

Zeba's differentiating feature, is its value add capability proposition, personalization, which reflects everywhere in its merchandise.

Details about the craftsmen - talented traditional hand

User experience - Satisfied customers. Converting houses into homes. Enjoys the personalized service & attention to the process of designing their space.

this is a journey which we have started knowingly and are aware that it will take time and effort.

there are few survivors in our field. who have been in this business for as long as we have and seen the highs and lows over time. We believe that particularly for India, the time for our business is now.

Why Choose Zeba

  • Scale -We cater for 1 piece to thousand with same passion.
  • Delivery -In house manufacturing helps us optimize our resources cater to strict deadlines.
  • Customization -You dream it. We create it. Whether it's 10000 sq feet carpet or single bed sheet.
  • Trust -Over 2 decades our founders have build credibility
  • Quality -We source high quality fabrics from interiors of India and our in house artisans create master piece using patch work, layering, embroidery, etc.
  • Creativity -Our customer made mood boards helps you to conceptualize and choose from various themes.
  • Value for Money -Our commitment to the highest quality as price to fit your budgets.